Kurdish Build Mad Max Road Warrior Tanks

Kurdish Build Mad Max Road Warrior Tanks

Pic shows: Kurdish forces have converted tractors and lorries into tanks.

Kurdish forces in northern Syria have converted tractors and lorries into tanks by adding metal plates to create Mad Max style road warriors.

The Kurdish troops were forced to take the initiative and create their own armoured vehicles after trying to stop the advance of Isis militants armed with high-tech weapons that they had captured from the Iraqi army.

And using their converted tractors and other farm vehicles they have so far managed to check the advance of the jihadis.

Previously the People’s Protection Units (YPG) of northern Syria had tried to tackle Isis armed with their rifles and with the only protection being flak jackets. With the armoured vehicles as well they have reportedly managed to check at least in some areas the advance such as in the small town of Kobane – that has been besieged by Isis militants for a week.

The Kurdish fighters in Iraq said that although they had been promised equipment from the US and European countries so far most of the shipments included food and not weapons which is what they say they urgently need.

That is why they had moved to creating their own, saying only weapons would keep them alive today and food was something for tomorrow. Many of the makeshift vehicles have also been fitted with ageing Soviet weaponry.

In recent weeks hundreds of thousands of Syrian Kurds have been forced to flee across the border into Turkey, as Isis launched an onslaught into the autonomous Kurdish territory in northern Syria.