Steamboat Rock Perseids

For the second night of Perseids I made a 9 hour drive to Dinosaur National Monument in hopes of finding clear skies and knowing I would find ultra dark skies. DNM did not disapoint. We arrived just after midnight and quickly setup the camera and the tent with millions of bugs and several bats flying around our heads. We watched the meteor shower from the safety of the tent, quite a memorable experience.

In all I captured 17 meteors over 5 hours. This is a composite of 20 images, the 17 meteors, 1 for the sky as a backrground (which I rotated the meteors to match the radiant of perseids) and 2 from twilight to brighten the rock and the foreground trees. I have the process explained on my website

Free full resolution downloads on my website as well

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